Windows 11 Home Vs Windows 11 Pro- EveryThing You Need To Know

With the rapid changes in economic structural demands technology is also making efforts in evolving itself to meet those demands. To meet all these upgrades, Microsoft comes up with multiple changes, modifications & updates in its operating system Windows 11. Now Windows 11 is available in two different versions, Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro. It may be not easy to choose which version is best for you if you are not aware of the difference between Windows 11 and Windows 11 Pro.

The selection of the right operating system is based on your individual needs, here we can help you to find out the difference between Windows 11 and Pro. While there are a lot of features that Windows Home offers. Both Operating Systems (Windows 11 & Windows 11 Pro) are almost the same but Windows 11 Pro comes with a few upgraded features.

Here in this article, we have shared complete information including the features and best comparison of Windows 11 Pro Vs Home. Spend your 2 minutes to read this article to analyze the Windows 11 Home vs Pro features, pricing & different support they offer.

Not to cause more confusion, we are here to differentiate between Window 11 Home and Window 11 Pro so that you can easily buy the version as per your needs. Read these points for a better understanding.

Windows 11 Home Vs Pro Pricing

Before majoring in the differences between Windows 11 Vs Pro, the price comparison is a very common considerable point for the users. If you are planning to purchase Windows 11 Home Edition, the buying cost of Windows 11 is $139.99, while Windows 11 Pro costs $199.99. However, most of the PCs & laptops come with a single preinstalled operating system. So if you are already using Windows 11 Home & want to upgrade your OS from Windows 11 to Pro, then it will cost you $99.99. It is also important to understand that the Windows 11 operating system is designed for the work that you need to perform. As the name implies, the Windows 11 Pro Edition is designed for professionals where people can use their laptops for work. There are some external additional features present in Windows 11 Pro but if you require a PC just for your personal use then Windows 11 Home is fine for your needs.

Window Pro Vs Windows 11 Home- Security & Protection

One of the most significant features of the Windows operating system is its safety, security, and protection. This makes Windows desirable but Windows 11 OS has different versions accordingly. Windows 11 pro is more secure and has a Bitlocker for encryption of the data stored on the disk of your system. Using this Bitlocker one can encrypt the disk entirely which of course makes your information stored more secure. You have said that this feature’s availability in the Windows 11 Pro version only does not make the Windows 11 Home version less secure.

Another extra security feature the Windows 11 Pro has is the Group policy which Windows 11 Home lacks. It is different and advanced in the sense that Group policy allows accessibility to only the authorized individuals having keys for the same access. It has a Windows information protection feature, as its name implies, as an enhanced security measure. Other than that the remote lock is also a feature that comes with the Windows 11 Pro only.

Remote Workability of Windows 11 Vs Pro

With the changing nature of service deliveries, skilled workers’ demand for more flexibility at the workplace, and the availability of digital infrastructure give rise to another remote working mode. Thus to meet these requirements many software and applications are designed for remote workability. Windows 11 Pro is built with this mode while the Windows 11 Home version needs third-party applications or software like previous versions.

This feature allows users to manage their stuff remotely which is very desirable these days undoubtedly. Also, this feature, allows one to manage, and safeguard the systems. Windows 11 Pro OS helps prevent data leaks and attacks from a remote location which is missing in Windows 11 or Windows 11 Home.

Virtualization For Computer Geeks

If you are one of those computer geeks or a computer science engineering student then you must be aware of the server virtualization. Virtualization for computer Greeks provides the users with the facility of utilizing the available hardware and software of a computer system to run, execute, or check and test any software before applying it to the entire system. Windows has, namely sandbox and Hyper-V, two virtualization tools that support and perform this function.

You can download third-party software in Windows 11 Home but there are some additional built-in tools that Windows 11 Pro only has. This makes Windows 11 Pro more deserving to be selected for technology freaks and professionals working in the field of testing and research.

Visuals, Interface, And Gaming Aspect

As we know higher and better visuals require more than generic hardware and more compatible software. So the requirement for more RAM size makes Windows 11 Pro by default more Graphically sound. But in terms of cost, Windows 11 Pro is much costlier as it needs more RAM whereas Windows 11 Home is less in price as compared to Pro. It all depends on your needs whether you want windows for your personal needs or professional needs.

Both versions of Windows 11 Home and Pro are similar. Still, somehow we find that Windows 11 Home is simpler because of less complex accessibility and fewer features that are available in the Pro version only.

Installation Requirments for Windows 11 Vs Pro

The above-explained detail about the best comparison for the difference between Windows 11 and Pro Edition. Now let’s discuss the installation requirements of Windows 11 Home & Pro. Windows 11 Pro needs at least 128 GB RAM for smooth operation while the Windows 11 Home Edition runs smoothly within the requirements mentioned below.

  • Processor: You should have at least 1 GHz( Giga Hertz ) of the processor with a minimum of 2 cores on a compatible 64-bit processor.

  • RAM Requirement: minimum 4 GB of RAM.

  • Storage: 64 GB plus storage space is required to install Windows 11 OS.

  • Resolution: you should have a 720 High Definition display.

  • Display size: it must be bigger than 9 inches of screen (diagonally) and should have 8 bits per color.

As Windows 11 OS is launched it changed the requirements and need for hardware and software for compatibility. This change also excited some critics to even say that this step would increase the eWaste across the globe. Having said that, it is only one of the many points of view. Our concern is just to tell you the requirements and hence we want to stick to that only.

In conclusion, Just to make your thoughts more clear we suggest that if you are a regular student or just want a PC at home for general purposes you should go with Windows 11 Home. It will be less expensive and also able to fulfill your needs as well. But on the other hand, if you are an organization having security as your main demand then you should go with Windows 11 Pro as it offers some exclusive features of security, authority, and encryption making your work and data more secure.

All the points explained in detail regarding the remote, enhanced security, and virtualization facility do not make Windows 11 Home less advanced. It is designed to meet the criteria of general use where money is the main constraint and some features of encryption are not of that importance. These were the points we thought as important ones so covered them all. Now it depends on your needs, budgets, and excitement regarding the new OS of Windows.

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