Cloud Cost Optimization: A Complete Guide

The competition among businesses is very high nowadays. Increasing margin, growth of the customers, scalability, and flexibility of business is the main goal of every startup. Many enterprises increase their potential by moving their data from traditional data storage to Cloud infrastructure. The main objective of the cloud infrastructure is providing cost-effective,  Innovative scalability, and ingenious ideas by increasing interaction with customers and employees.

The Cloud works on the Pay-per-use mechanism, which makes it more superlative. AWS cost depends on the business need. Sometimes the cost is higher than expected. To manage the cost of the service Cloud Cost Optimization comes into the picture. Here in this article, we will discuss all the necessary information related to AWS cloud optimization. So let us begin.

Based on the services of cloud service providers, Cloud Cost Optimizer is an approach to lessen the cost without impacting performance and scalability. It integrates all strategies, cloud cost tools, and techniques that will help manage the cost and find the most constructive way to run your administrations.

Let’s check the crucial points that help optimize the cost of cloud infrastructure & services including the necessity of cloud cost optimization.

The Necessity of Optimizing Cloud Costs

Optimizing costs is not a one-time investment. Businesses sink 25-30% of their expenses on the cloud. To reduce this percentage Cloud cost optimization is needed. It searches and neglects unused resources and extravagant tools. It makes intelligent reconciliation so that users can control their expenses without compromising anything. Cost reduction is not the only work of the Cloud, it will benefit you in many ways. Such as,

  • Intelligent Budgeting: The relationship between Cloud Cost Management Software strategy and budgeting is mutually beneficial. Cost optimization will help companies forecast future spending and manage budgets.

  • Open Up New Revenue Stream: By using cloud cost optimizer platforms you can find which service and product your users are using. This will help you to generate revenue from sources that you might not be aware of before.

  • Maintain Continuity In Business: The cloud cost optimization tool will help enterprises allocate their resources in multiple places.

  • Preserve your Competitive Advantage: By utilizing the resources efficiently and by controlling the expenses you can focus on marketing and innovating your company.

 15 AWS Cost Management Best Practices

Here check the best practices for cloud cost optimization management,

  1. Review Account Information & Billing Structure: Going deep into the billing information which is provided by the vendors of the cloud helps in evaluating the high-price areas and helps in generating revenue.

  2. Allocate Budget: Once you review your expenses you can easily set your budget for the estimated future and avoid unpredicted costs.

  3. Recognize Unused Idle Resources:  The cloud is massive and becomes complex when you start using it. When a user makes a temporary storage for use but forgets to delete it after use. An idle resource occurs when your computing power is not fully utilized. In both cases, Cloud optimizer will detect it and eliminate it.

  4. Take Edge Of Cloud Native Designs: Users can migrate their on-premises environment to the cloud environment without any modification. By using the cloud computing app company can manage the services and use cloud cost management tools like autoscaling.

  5. Right Size Cloud Computing: Right sizing of cloud computing allows users to track computing services, performance, and usage patterns and modify them accordingly. Users can accelerate the right sizing with technologies that can provide immediate output.

  6. Utilize Saving Plans: Users can use a Saving model plan that is effective and flexible. It will save you 60-70% AWS usage.

  7. Implement Cost-Effective Storage: There are numerous variety of storage plans available in the Cloud. Users can use it according to their needs, cost, and priorities.

  8. Spot Instance: Spot instance is a last-minute purchase. The residual resources are auctioned by AWS at very low prices. These instances are not reliable, because of the cheap price it is sold out very fastly. This tool is useful for batch jobs and if your workloads are not very high.

  9. Employ Reserved Instance: If you are confident that you use a particular service for an extended time then you can consider purchasing the reserved instance. This will cost you less and helps in cost saving.

  10. Keep Follow of Cost Deviation: Continuous monitoring without manually doing so will help with the cost. Cloud cost management software helps to set budgets, forecast the AWS cost, and predict overall expenses.

  11. Optimize Cloud Cost At Each Stage OF SDLC: Cost will considered after the product has been built. Implement the cost optimization at each phase of SLDC. This will be very beneficial to the company.

  12. Identifying & Minimizing the Licensing: The significant constituent of cloud operating is software licensing. Doing the license manually will escalate the chance of paying for unused services. The license tracking tool will benefit you by detecting unutilized licenses.

  13. Utilizing Elastic Features: Features like load balancing, block storage, and IP address are convenient and potentially increase the system’s performance and viability.

  14. Leveraging Infrastructure Automation: Cloud spend Optimization needs automated perception and esteem of the need to alter them. These tools are based on the multi-cloud environment.

  15. Choose One Platform: Using numerous dashboards for reviewing the big data will be complex at a point. Using a single platform will help you with cloud cost reduction.


In the end, we conclude that using cloud cost optimization will benefit your business and help you grow in your field.  Cloud computing needs both discipline and the correct knowledge. Using a multi-cloud cost management tool will help your business performance and marketing the company. I hope this article answers your query and gives you some knowledge. For further information, you can visit the website.

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